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Chocolate Soldier Columbine: How To Grow Green Flower Columbine Plants

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Columbine is a favorite perennial for many gardeners, for its unusual flowers and ease of care. Aquilegia viridiflora is a special variety of this plant that lovers of columbine need to check out. Also known as green or chocolate soldier or green columbine, it produces stunning, chocolate-brown blooms. What are Green Columbine Plants? The two common names for this plant, green-flowered columbine and chocolate soldier columbine, seem contradictory, but this unique variety produces flowers that have touches of both pale green and chocolate brown. For those not familiar with columbine, the flowers are inverted and bell- or bonnet-shaped. On the green flower columbine, the sepals are pale green and the petals chocolate-brown to purple. This variety of columbine grows to about 12 inches (30 cm.) and is great for beds and flower borders, cottage gardens, and natural or informal areas. It is a fairly compact type of columbine, which makes

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Originally posted 2018-08-29 03:50:09.