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Compost fertilizer granules machine

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Our this kind of granualtor is ” organic ball fertilizer granulation machine / ring die granualtor” , with ring die system & polishers ,which can make the nice uniform ball granules at 3.5 mm , 4.0 mm ,4.5 mm ,5.0 mm ,5.5 mm .
Ring die type organic fertilizer granulator has the many advantages such as: final finished ball granules even, final granules moisture lower, high ball strength, conveniently control, little energy depletion .the ring die granulating machine is one of common equipment in organic fertilizer industry.
We are the one & only such ring die granulator in China

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Advantage of Ring Die Granulator as following :
1)One-time production of uniform spherical organic fertilizer granules.
2)Adjust the hole diameters of ring die to achieve the optimal pelletizing results.
3)Materials granulation rate can reach 100%,all the raw material can be made into rounded fertilizer.
4)Rate of final product is more than 90%.
5)Organic content can be high to 100%, make pure organic granules.
6)No need to add binder materials.
7)Final granules moisture lower ,can safe drying cost
8)Final granules strong enough for packing .


Originally posted 2018-06-12 22:35:31.