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How to build a easy and inexpensive squash trellis?

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Grow squash vertically with this simple DIY project.

Save space in the garden without sacrificing a single squash by making a simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-build trellis. Ours easily handles six to eight delicata squash plants and takes up only 16 square feet of garden space.


Four 8-foot 2-by-2 boards (we used naturally rot-resistant cedar)
Eight 4-foot 1-by-3 boards
Two ¼-inch-by-4-inch carriage bolts with wing nuts
Sixteen 1¼-inch screws
Biodegradable twine
Four 1-foot wooden or rebar stakes

Step 1
Select two 2-by-2s. On each, drill a ¼-inch hole 14 inches from the end. Connect loosely with a carriage bolt and wing nut.

Step 2
Spread the legs to form a triangle with a 48-inch spread at the bottom.

Step 3
Place the first 1-by-3 horizontally across the triangle, 12 inches from the bottom, and drill a hole on each end of the board and into each 2-by-2 leg. Attach with 1¼-inch screws.

Step 4
Create a ladder up the triangle by using this same procedure to attach three more cross boards, making sure they are evenly spaced and level. You have completed one side of the trellis.

Step 5
Repeat steps 1 through 4 to create the second side of the trellis. Prop the two sides against each other and connect at the top with twine.

Step 6
Stabilize the legs by driving a 1-foot stake into the ground by each leg and securing with twine.

Step 7
Attach vertical twines as desired. Plant squash, and enjoy your new trellis.

Originally published in Organic Gardening magazine, October/November 2006
Republished in OrganicGardening magazine’s Special Collector’s Issue, February/March 2015
Photography by Mitch Mandel and Christa Neu.

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