DIY aquaponics
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We’re Gardening Between Rainshowers | Rainy Season is Early in the Philippines

mushroom growing

Net and I get some things done in a break in the weather.


Hello, I’m Joseph, an American expat, and this is my life in the Philippines. Over almost a decade, my wife Netnet and I have built our home and farm here in Bohol. Join us as we share our simple life here in the Philippines.

At Velesan Farm we make use of natural, traditional, organic, and permaculture techniques … as well as some of our own. Our goal is to regenerate degraded lands, restore the fertility of the soil, reforest mountains, improve watersheds, create jobs, and do it all in a productive and profitable manner.



Everyday footage: iPhone SE

Stabilization: DJI Osmo Mobile

Specific shots/closeups: Nikon P900

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Originally posted 2018-06-16 07:13:33.

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